What cured me

In June 2019 I had a blood test to determine the PSA value. An MRI scan confirmed that my prostate was enlarged. The urologist tasked a biopsy, consisting of testing samples of tissue taking from within the prostate. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer based on the fact that there was cancerous material found within the capsule of the prostate. It’s amazing how such a diagnosis can focus your mind and kick you into survival mode. I must have spent that first week continuously researching treatments and options.

The NHS offered me radiotherapy or radical surgery, each would probably have left me incontinent and permanently scarred. Both options are not absolutely certain of eradicating the disease. The MRI and CT scans confirmed that the tumours in my prostate were contained within in the capsule of the prostate and there was no cancerous activity outside of the prostate.

After considerable study I discovered that BPH is a common condition in men of a certain age, also that a relatively high PSA value does not necessarily correlate to a cancerous condition requiring radiotherapy or radical surgery. These procedures are the only options the NHS have available in the way of treatment, it doesn’t mean they are the only options available to the thinking man.

So instead of trying to fix something on the inside from the outside, I said it was better to work from the inside out.

I knew it would take a determined effort to stick to the required strict routine.

The route I chose was as follows;

  • Mental preparation through meditation; the method that made most sense to me was Vipassana, as taught by Mr SN Goenke, there is a free app available for assistance, it’s free because people need it. The app from Sadhguru has a good selection of videos to strengthen your understanding of your temporary and transitory place in the universe. Reading the works of the Dalia Lama is a good thing to do, again to understand your place in the universe.
  • Total detox to cleanse and prepare the system. There is no benefit in sowing seeds into contaminated soil.
  • First stage of treatment is intense and strict.
  • Continuing the treatment becomes a lifestyle; a plant-based diet and no sugar, regular mini-detoxes become a routine.
  • After a year the routine became easy and a lifestyle.

I hope these suggestions will be useful for you. It works for me and gave me a second chance at this life, which I appreciate every day and no longer take each breath for granted. The cancerous growth (if any) continues to be contained within the prostate and it gives me peace of mind to know I’ll die with the cancer and not of it.

These are some of the materials I use, with suggested doses;

  • Nettle root, 2 capsules 2x/day manages bph
  • Panacur powder/contains Fenbendazole 1 sachet in muesli 2x/week (Sunday, Wednesday)… destroys the cancer cell by disassembling the nucleus of the cancer cell from the outer shell. Buy it from vetuk.co.uk, £1.02/sachet (https://www.vetuk.co.uk/dog-worming-cat-worming-panacur-dog-wormers-c-17_43/panacur-wormer-granules-1g-p-1665) …John Hopkins university produced a human version for the purpose of cancer treatment called Menbendazole, retailing at an extortionate price.
  • Breakfast: Muesli + 1 teaspoon Turkey Tail mushroom powder (enhances immune system -see Paul Stamets vids on youtube, products are available from Fungi.com).
  • Milk thistle capsule 2x/day… assists liver in processing medicines
  • Vitamin E capsule 2x/day assists liver function
  • PSA and high cholestoerol; a study by uni Belfast describes how statins affect psa level and that the elevated prostate cancer risk in new statin users disappeared with increasing duration of statin use.
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Ride your bike or walk every day!
  • Stop eating sugar.
  • Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, the effects of which are ‘unlocked’ by black pepper, make up your own gel capsules for economy.
  • Cannabis/CBD oil; either extracted by solvent and evaporated to leave a tar-like residue (RSO recipe), or cooked in pure (compressed) coconut oil.
  • Saw palmetto capsule 2x/day… re-absorbs testosterone.

Do your research to find out what suits you.


Power balls (recipe can be found elsewhere on this site);
Sachet of oats.
Teaspoon Saigon cinnamon/Kirkland brand from Costco/Amazon unless you can source it locally… fresh is best.
Two fingers of turmeric with skin.
Half level teaspoon black pepper.
Raw Cacao beans.
Blend to a flour consistency.
Make a dimple, pour in enough maple syrup to bind everything together to make it stick together, knead everything on worktop by hand, roll into a long sausage 20mm diameter, cut off pieces and roll into balls, place on tray, put in fridge.
Eat 5 or 7 throughout course of the day, chew it then drink a glass of water after a while.


With love, goodwill and compassion

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