Health Benefits of Sweet Potato or Camote

Health Benefits of Sweet Potato or Camote ~ The Musical Fruit

Learn more about the health benefits of Sweet Potato or Camote, a.k.a. the Musical Fruit

Enjoy the juice too…!

The scientific name of sweet potato is Ipomoea Batatas, a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the family Convolvulaceae.

sweet potato

Camote is the world’s healthiest food;

  • This is according to the statement of North Atlantic Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging.
  • An energy food because of high carbohydrate contents. It can replace rice in diet.
  • The sweet potato is an excellent source of provitamin A, which is vital for healthy tissue and night vision.
  • It is also an excellent source of potassium.
  • It contains vitamin B9 (or folic acid).
  • The stronger its colour, the higher its vitamin A content.
Sweet potatoes are richer in starch than potatoes (up to 18% depending on the variety), but it also contains the same quantity of carbohydrates.

sweet potato 3

►Camote is good for diabetics. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels by increasing adiponectin, an important factor of insulin metabolism. It has moderate glycemic index of 50.
►High in dietary fiber and low fat content. Good for the heart and tummy. Fibers help reduce bad cholesterol and ease bowel movement.
►The deep colored yellow camote contains lutein and beta carotene. Antioxidants to prevent rapid aging and maintain good eyesight. Eat yellow camote instead of taking eye supplement.
►Camote have lots of essential minerals and vitamins. Manganese, copper, potassium, iron, Vitamin – E, C, B6, B2, and A. Its like a combination of  rice and vegetables in a single package.
►Camote is an effective detoxifying agent. It adsorb heavy metals and take it out of the system. Metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury accumulate in our body due to consumption of commercially processed foods.

Nutritional values (per 100 g)

RDI **
101 kcal
1.2 g
23 g
0.3 g

30 g

19 mg
300 mg
2,000 mg
Provitamin A
4,000 µg
4,800 µg
Vitamin C
25 mg
80 mg
Vitamin B9
52 µg
200 µg
Vitamin E
4 mg
12 mg
* Ciqual 1995 ** Recommended Daily Intake
Why is it called the musical fruit?
Camote is a root crop, often blamed for the flatulence one gets in eating this in excess. And because of  the presence of trisaccharide. This does not undergo the usual process of digestion; instead it undergoes anaerobic reaction, thus gas is produced and expelled.
Eat Camote the Musical Fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!!!

Drink and enjoy the juice!

Sweet potato tops or camote tops or sweet potato leaves are excellent sources of antioxidative compounds, mainly polyphenolics, which may protect the human body from oxidative stress that is associated with many diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Its scientific name is Ipomoea Batatas.

camote tops

It contains protein, dietary fiber, lipid, and essential minerals and nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, aluminum and boron.
► Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.
► Regulates good bowel movements.
► Boost the immune system and thus helping to prevent infections and disease.
Among all the other plants, research studies have shown that Camote tops may be used as a remedy to Dengue fever. It is said to help increase platelet counts that would help recover from Dengue.
Camote tops can also be used to treat other diseases or sicknesses:

• Diabetes (Type 2)
• Heart Disease
• Cancer (Colon, stomach)
• Problems on bowel movement
• Destroys bacteria and inhibit fungi
• High Blood Pressure
• High Cholesterol
• Kidney Stones
• Boils
• Acne

Sweet Potato Leaves are packed full of great antioxidants… also vitamin C making it great for fighting off free radicals thus preventing premature aging and disease.
Camote tops are also recommended for anemic person since it is rich in iron.
The leaves and the rest of the plant may work wonders for balancing out blood sugar making great for diabetics. It contains a substance called FIBL… that in studies done on mice did lower blood sugar levels.
Crushed leaves are applied to boils and acne.
Making a drink of the Sweet Potato Leaves really works wonders for distress, stomach aches, diarrhea, and nausea.
Here’s how to make camote tops a Healthy drink:
You will need:
2 cups of camote tops
6 pieces kalamansi fruit or Jamaican lime
6 table spoon of honey
2 cups of water
Clean the camote tops
Put the camote tops in 2 cups of water.
Boil for 10-15 minutes and the water will turn green.
Add the kalamansi and stir with the water as it turn pink.
When cool enough to touch, stir in the honey.

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